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Dragon Emergency Room

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Rules [Jun. 24th, 2010|10:02 pm]
Dragon Emergency Room


* Be sure to read all the rules before posting in the community.

* ONLY eggs and hatchlings with LESS THAN TWO DAYS LEFT may be posted here! No exceptions.

* Do NOT post a link to any scroll! This community is for emergencies only.

* You may only post ONCE every hour. Otherwise please go back and edit your first post if you have more eggs or hatchlings to add.

* You must click on the other posts on the first page of the comm. No exceptions. These are emergencies and need all the help they can get.

* Please do not use lj-cuts when posting your eggs or hatchlings, this will guarantee the most views possible.

* Make sure when posting your egg or hatchling that you use the correct coding. We will delete posts if there is only a link.

* When posting, please include whether you're posting eggs or hatchlings. This will help the members see whether you're still in need of help, and also help the moderators when we clean out the community.

* Do NOT delete your own posts. When your dragons are saved, you are allowed to remove them from your post. Please let us know in the post how many dragons were saved as we like to keep count. A moderator will come through and clean up the posts themselves.

* Off topic posts will be deleted. Please do not ask questions about the site here. There is a forum for that.

* Posting here is NO GUARANTEE that your eggs/hatchlings will survive, especially if you have left it too long to post them. We will do our best to help though.

* Anyone posting hatchlings here so they can freeze them as soon as they get wings, and we find out about it, will be banned immediately. No excuses, no warnings.

* This is not a spam site. Do not ask those who have emergencies to click on your dragons at your own journal, or post your dragons in the comment of someone else's post; this is considered rude and will cause you to receive a warning.

* You must follow the TOS of the Dragon Cave site to post here.

* Break any rule and you will receive a warning. Three warnings will get you banned.